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Warrior, America’s Rock Band

The Christian Rock Band Warrior

Warrior, America’s Rock Band evolved twenty years ago. The original members were Keith Coleson on drums, Ken Pridgeon – lead singer, Mike Goodnight on Bass Guiter, and Tad Donley on guitars. The music covers many genres – classical music, Mainstream Pop Rock, Christian Hard Rock borderline melodic metal. This new CD Warrior is working on is a combination of newer alternative metal but with our own style, some actual dance songs similar to Katy Perry, but focusing on the real problems kids are going through. Warrior will be spending a lot of time

in the near future working on the songs, making them as competitive as the best out there – with deep lyrics and stories.

With the addition of Michael Merriweather, the lead singer, and Mark Jones, keyboardist/singer, the band is going to take on more complex and interesting songs showing off their talents and cohesiveness to create new music that will compliment the new younger audiences, combined with the others that will come out of the woodwork world-wide who has the first Warrior CD and knows of the band’s noteriety – wanting to see the freaks perform. There is a lot involved! It will not be an easy task! There is a lot to be done. 


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