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NASA to investigate 10,000 year-old Cave paintings showing ‘ALIENS’

NASA to investigate 10,000-year-old mystery rock that ‘shows paintings of UFOs and aliens A number of prehistoric drawings have sparked a local government in Charama, India to seek the help of NASA after the images appear to depict extraterrestrial life. The corrsponding video below shows the actual

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Time travel – Does It Exist? by Tad Donley

Do we have the ability to travel in time? More and more leaks have come out from scientists, authors, and other sources in recent years that we are capable of time travel.  From one article I recently wrote about Reptilians – the first video – Erin Rothschild of the

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UFO! New Area 51 Secrets by Tad Donley

UFO – Do They Exist? With the advent of new revelations of advanced classified UFO technology in bases like Area 51, more and more information has been leaked about such anomalies. Cathy O’brien, a MK Ultra Mind Control child sex slave who at a young age, was fortunate

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Reptilians – Bloodlines by Tad Donley

Reptilians Who are these reptilians we’ve been hearing about lately? The Bible speaks of “the sons of God”, His fallen angels. Wouldn’t you easily surmise these “sons of God” are extraterrestrial in nature? And if so, do they have to be just one breed of fallen angels…

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