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Satanic Child Sex Rings? Comet Pizza? Fake News?

Brian Williams, fired for reporting “fake news” about himself reports about “fake news…”

The mainstream “fake news” CNN, CNBC, HUFFINGTON POST, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WASHINGTON POST, TIME MAGAZINE, and others have reported “fake news” forever. They can not be believed anymore.

It’s been exposed by four prominent reporters from different countries the CIA pays off ALL these “news sources” to misinform, lie about tragic events to create wars, mind control us, wag the dog, create catastrophes to divert us from the truth… Only 6% trust these sources. THESE ARE THE FAKE NEWS!!!

Alex Jones and a lot of good people on youtube are helping to expose what’s going on.

Podesta.s satanic spirit cooking, children in underwear art, painting of pale-faced, dead teenage girl in a white dress laying on leaves in a forest… the owner of comet pizza – named the TOP 50 most important men – visited the Obama’s White house four times… COME ON! The half moon and star logo on Comet Pizza logo – Lucifer symbols. Obama dishing out big bucks for “hotdogs” (code for little boys). Buds with Podesta’s brother. Lolita Express Hillary and Bill trips to Epstein’s “Orgy Island” having sex with kids, the FBI “triangle symbol” code for pedophilia on two logos on two pizza places – THIS IS NOT FAKE NEWS!!!

Prince Albert and pedophilia in the UK. Australia… the YouTubers are exposing this while the CIA blocks the mainstream media from reporting this…

And this is the CLINCHER! THIS VIDEO BELOW… No one can turn a blind eye after watching this. SHARE after watching this video. KNOWLEDGE WINS WARS.

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