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We are in the process of recording a new CD attracting the young. When we tour next year, after every performance, we will ask the Vets to stand up. “Give them a round of applause for generally Jesus Christ and our Vets have kept us alive. OK. veteran suicide, ptsdNow, is there anyone out there who feels on their heart that they want to help Vets, Vets contemplating suicide and use your busy-savvy to get grants, change an abandoned building into a homeless shelter with counseling for addiction and trauma… stand up! …. meet me over here after this.

“Is there anyone out there that feels on their heart that you would like to help a disadvantaged child with a single parent working two jobs to survive – become a mentor and friend – to encourage and build up – please stand up. Meet me over here after this.”

“Those who feel on their hearts that they would like to help abused women hiding in shelters, like the Star of Hope downtown Houston, and abused children – give them hope and spiritual guidance in foster care facilities – please stand up… meet me over here after this.”

“You ex-CIA, FBI. police, tough guys – who feel in your hearts that you would like to go into the hood and allow God to lead you to a gang member, reach out and help them break away – stand up. ….meet me after this.” That’s it. You donation will help us with staffing, materials, desperately needed funds to make this Vet dream come true.

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