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Stanley Kubrick – EYES WIDE SHUT and So Much More!

Stanley Kubrick was a master at filmmaking. He was fascinated with the Iluminati-Freemason secret societies, their symbolism, dark satanic rituals/orgies, numerology, pedophilia, human trafficking – the whole gamut.

His untimely death four days after finishing his masterpiece, EYES WIDE SHUT, was mysterious, to say the least. From the date of the release of 2001 A Space Odyssey to his death equals 666 days…

This first video is an interview of Jay Weidner, well-revered filmmaker, about Stanley Kubrick. Jay has dove in and surpassed many in their quest of trying to figure Kubrick out, along with his movies… For example, Jay had an anonymous interview of an un-named close assistant to Stanley. For three hours, they talked. The assistant said Stanley muttered to himself that Warner Brothers are not going to accept his film, EYES WIDE SHUT. After they saw the film, a huge argument ensued with a Warner head mogul and Stanley. It was screaming!! Four days later, Stanley was found dead.


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