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Tad Donley – Founder

TAD DONLEY, Music artist, BA Comm/Drama, U of H, Assoc Filmmaking, HCCS, School of Ministry, Bread Of Life Church. Recording Engineer & Producer

“I was a homeless Vet and an alcoholic and drug addict – mercilessly hooked on crack! But with God’s help, I’ve become a man after His own heart. IMG copyAnd He has given me a mission. It’s on! But we need materials, equipment, personnel, and your love! It   is   clear.  We   are   to lead willing vessels to gold – those who have always felt in their hearts they wanted to help. The revelation is instant as their spirits prevail. …and they stand up! These volunteers say, ‘Yes. I want to help.’

God is just allowing them to hear their voice.”


…Tad Donley has performed his inspirational music and evangelized in the US and Mexico – in prisons, hospitals, churches, drug and alcohol treatment centers, the hoods, helped lead many lost souls to Christ and planting countless seeds. 

Tad’s recording artist acclaim – propelled by his second CD, “Warrior – The Battle Has Started” that peaked at #12 nationally on the CMJ Charts (like Billboard, but Christian) has established a world-wide following. He has crossed many genres – from Pop Rock (both Christian and secular) all the way to Baroque classical Christian! Not many in your lifetime have done that. He can write anything!

Now, he is to record a new CD that emulates the likes of Pillar, Switchfoot, Skillet, Shinedown, and Katy Perry of all artists, attracting the young and old alike, both Christian and mainstream. Get back on the charts, tour, and recruit volunteers. Can he do it? Yes. His music talents and proven bold speaking as an evangelist makes him the perfect choice. This is God’s will and His mission for Tad for the rest of his life. And the mission will continue after he’s gone. You can plant a tree…

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