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There are three missions that I am compelled to do for the rest of my life and to continue after my death:  Warrior, Operation Reach The Lost, and Vet Warning.

1. WARRIOR – 2. OPERATION REACH THE LOST (both coincide)

We are starting to practice the songs. We will have two sets of songs you can access below that have been sold world-wide and have helped many. The Warrior – “The Battle Has Started” CD released in 2008 peaked at #12 nationwide on the CMJ Charts. It has spread around the world and has continued to this day, bringing a positive, spiritual message to more people than I could possibly fathom or know.
This mission includes in chronological order:
raising $10,000 on Indiegogo to purchase necessary recording equipment to record the new songs for the new Warrior II CD, manufacture CD’s, video first song. A website is finalizing now to generate interest in raising awareness of Veterans’ plight and raising these funds.
Once the new CD is finished, we distribute the CD’s statewide throughout Texas, get back on the Charts, and tour Texas on the weekends to max out our audiences. Then go nationwide and world-wide.
At every town or city we perform, we will perform on Friday and Saturday nights – with Saturday night holding the heaviest crowds once the word gets out from Friday’s concert. The churches aligned will pay for the outside venue, bring in home-cooked food, drinks donated from Kroger, pay for our lodging. Charge $30 at the door (free food and drink included), have their local favorite Christian band open up.
The revenue from the door and merch will pay for our performance costs and salaries. We play starting at 9:30 to 11.00pm. The churches line their prayer people in front when we ask for volunteers to help Vets, abused women in shelters and foster kids and others in custody of CPS. Then we give an altar call for those who want to re-dedicate their lives to Christ, give their lives to Christ, and get prayer for healing. The Churches can immediately invite these people to come to their church. They increase their congregations. It’s a win-win. Selling merchandise and CD’s afterwards.
Sunday morning, each of the band members and others aligned with the mission will visit each church involved in this and recruit volunteers from the congregations to help Vets, homeless Vets, homeless in general, abused women and children. Since we are for-profit, any donations are taxed. Any “passing around the hat” to help us from these churches is optional. The churches themselves will vett out the orgs who physically go out one-on-one to become friends, uplift, use their business-savvy to get grants to create shelters and counseling services for homeless Vets and homeless in general – become mentors and friends for abused women and children.
use our music power base with promotion and marketing the music to substantially increase our audience base to lead them to better lives. Our fans worldwide will come out of the woodwork too to help and experience our performances.
The new CD I produce and write the music will be competitive if not better than what’s out there. Already five songs are on the table. We will equal or surpass the chart presence worldwide from our established notoriety.


3. Vet Warning. Crisis hotline does not work. Read the recent article on the website, “Crisis Hotline puts Vet on hold.” Average 22 Female and male Vets per day commit suicide with no end in sight. When someone is at the point of wanting to commit suicide, they will not call for help. They will stand down.
Vet Warning is a relatively simple solution to this major carnage. Focus directly through advertising from churches or pursue grants to pay for advertising (or whatever you think would be better) to the “FRIEND” of a Vet. If a friend of a Vet isolates, is confused, experiencing PTSD, or gets depressed, call Vet Warning, and a qualified social worker will immediately visit the Vet and assess if further help is needed before they commit suicide.
A simple “800” number from Houston and a small staff handling phones 24/7 with the help of interns, will create a substantial database nationwide of orgs and institutions that will immediately dispatch qualified social workers out. We will get the right people, organize, raise the funds, make it happen. Want to help make this Vet dream come true?

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