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Twenty-two of our Veterans will commit suicide today as you read this. Over 22 female and male veterans slip through the cracks. Hotline and Veteran Suicide Hotline helps many, and as a result, the majority of Veterans get the help. Yet statistics burst out before us and cry for help! Suicide preventing suicide. It has to be done!

suicide preventing suicide

The suicide demon exists, and the definition of the word, “demon” means… to know one… They are relentless. They do not sleep. There is no rest for these unknowing veterans plagued by these suicide demons. Coupled with all that has entailed while in combat, the displacement when they return, the nightmares, we have an idea… a guess. Nonetheless, we do not know why our veterans commit suicide.

Without getting into religion, or the lack thereof, most of you recognize that something has broken through and revealed themselves in your lives. Albeit something wrong or evil has crossed your path sometime in your life. So, if you want to know more about the suicide demons, read the Book of Luke in the Bible. Find out for yourself. It’s right there.

Suicide Preventing Suicide. How do we stop this?

The US Marines crushes the heaviest toll, but we don’t know the statistics. Military professional resources dictate this problem as a crisis! How do we stop this?


Vet Warning is a peer-to-peer network designed to focus directly and specifically to the friends and relatives of veterans. A suicidal vet does not want to call Crisis Hotline or Veterans Crisis Hotline. They want to stand down. They want to kill themselves. Ultimately, these confused souls have given up and resigned to the only lost hope to finally get relief – suicide.

The friends and relatives of the veterans must call to a duty. If their vet friend or relative remains confused, depressed, acting strange, and/or isolating – call Vet Warning! If you have a gut feeling something’s wrong, call Vet Warning.

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We are in the beginning stages of deciding whether this will be a Non-Profit organization or an Incorporated LLC. We are weighing out the pro’s and con’s. We’ve got the DBA and trademark.

The next is the research, Suicide preventing suicide – it is time! We will connect with first responders everywhere dispatched to immediately seek out our troubled vets and discern the next step.

This will be a task, but it is feasible, and it will come into fruition within a short period of time. This program requires only six personnel are to man the Vet Warning toll-free phones.

We are asking for your help – either monetarily and/or to directly get involved with this noble cause. We are trying to reach the first goal of $10,000 to help with start-up costs, planning, materials. Your giving, no matter how small or large – whatever your heart tells you – will go to a movement greater than ourselves. This expresses the true form of a disability services donation! Please give now.

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