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How to Heal from PTSD – Groundbreaking Book… read on

Self-help manual on how to heal from PTSD – mind manipulation in the Military and Social Engineering. Go to  You can purchase the book PTSD: TIME TO HEAL at eBay. Limited quantities!

Cathy O’Brian: “Mark and I have been overwhelmed with global requests- and demand- for this otherwise suppressed information on healing from trauma.”

PTSD: Time to Heal is a concise step-by-step self help manual of the healing methods Mark taught me to reclaim control over my mind and life after decades of traumatic MK Ultra mind control tortures, abuses and resultant PTSD.

As 25 year veteran US Government Whistleblowers on the subject of mind control and healing from it, Mark and I walk a fine legal line in order to keep speaking out. It has been a long and difficult journey navigating the strenuous laws governing truth in order to release PTSD: Time to Heal.

All of u.s. Need-to-Know these pertinent facts on what controls us and how we can free our minds from imposed trauma and manipulation. PTSD: Time to Heal will arm you with awareness in order to empower self control, expand thought and assert strength of spirit. Whether you have endured childhood abuse, military trauma, cult/occult mind control, or even socially engineered fears that immobilize your thoughts and actions, PTSD: Time to Heal is for you!

This limited first edition release is highly collectable and in global demand, so order yours today. Supplies are limited.

Contains 95 pages.

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