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Two Presidents

A video that has circulated for the last six months popped up again today. Ever heard of Kim Clement? He is God’s prophet, You mumble, “sure he is.” Ok… check it out. I dare you!

There has never been a time like this. Here we have Joe Biden, whom at the time of this post, March 7, 2021 – 43 days have passed without Joe Biden giving an interview with the press. Joe Biden has literally disappeared. People, including CNN are asking publicly, “Where’s Joe Biden?”

This last guy we have seen does not act like Joe Biden. His face is tight. His eyes squint as if he’s blinded by light. He does not say anything. And let’s not forget, other recent times, Joe and Jill have their face masks on. We can’t see Joe clearly. Friends of mine (which mean many of us all over our country) have pointed out that this “Joe” and Jill, his divorced wife, look like they do not know each other! And many Facebook friends have said that Jill looks very, very uncomfortable, even bewildered. So bad, that whomever I’ve heard say this – portray true sympathy and sadness. Amazing!

Well there is more!