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About Rock Band Warrior

The members of the band are Tad Donley (Songwriter, Producer, Guitars, Vocals), Mike Lazor, (bass guitars), Danny Divar (lead Vocals). David Gibson (keyboards/vocals), and Adam (drums and percussion). The Rock band Warrior. Their mission: Operation Reach The Lost.

Operation Reach The LostDanny Divar, lead vocals, has been singing and touring in many bands in Houston for most of his young and adult life. Considered one of the best lead singers in the southwest region, Danny has accomplished a world-wide following while married to his lovely wife, Victoria. He’s been a pillar within his community and a strong Christian willing to help. Danny can hit the notes and speak the Word!.

He is a father, husband, and grandfather to a bunch of kids. He has been in so many bands that I think he’s forgotten the names of a lot of them. He runs sound in many churches, and definitely commands perfection in positioning sound, getting the performers to obey the rules of the game. This makes Tad’s job much easier!

A leader and one of the strongest, powerful front man in the business. Dan will charge you up and naturally capture your attention at all times when he performs.

warrior the battle has started operation reach the lostWarrior’s first CD peaked at #12 on the Christian Music Charts nationwide in 2008, and God has used this Cd to reach the world – helping others.

We are talking Switzerland, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands, Australia, Italy, France, United Kingdom, the United States. Africa, and many more – right now! Spreading the Word and helping untold thousands world-wide as you are reading this.

The band is recording “Warrior II” Cd right now. Several songs like, “United We Will Stand,” “Broken Wire”, “Crying”, “Forever”,  “Eternal Bleeding”, “Ashes Fall” will be on the new CD. Two videos will be produced for the first two aforementioned songs, distribute the CD’s throughout Texas, line up with churches and tour. Perform all around. Texas first. Win… then… Nationwide.

Mike lazorMike Lazor, bass guitar/vocals. Mike has been consistently helping the Houston Community in many ways, but his drive to perform, create music, and work hard on his craft as a guitarist, singer, bassist has paid off. Mike is the bass guitarist for Warrior.

His loving partner, Val, is the lead singer of one of the best bands in Houston and just opened up for Stryper in July, 2016. Mike’s help in making this band the best is so invaluable.

Always positive, an encourager to Tad in making this band move forward, get better, stronger… he’s the dude! Recognized for his own bands – Shone, Lazor Vision, and countless others – he never gives up! Music is in his veins like the others in this band.

Mike, being a strong Christian with a powerful testimony, only adds a critical role in this mission, as we become ambassadors to reach out amongst congregations and tap the hearts who want to help homeless Vets and abused children and foster kids. 

david gibson.jpbDavid Gibson first played with Tad in 1988 with the band, Venus for a short time. His keyboard talents are exceptional! He has played in many bands over the years, and can instantly work out a song on the fly. His addition to the band is the best! There is a telepathic connection between Tad and David that far surpasses reality.

Tad can just look at David, and he knows what to do. It’s amazing to see him work with Tad on the songs. David, along with Tad has had their share of the dark side of addictions, and both give back to those in need of help. David works with and mentors others in AA, and is an exceptionally nice, introspective, and just tells it like it is.

tad donley warriorTad Donley has been ministering and performing his music for the past twenty-five years. He been ministering to those in prisons, to the kids in Mexico, graduated from The two-year School of Ministry, Bread Of Life Church, Houston, Texas, hospitals, outreach, and performed with Warrior in many churches, festivals, and the like. Tad writes the songs and produces the recordings and the band. He has successfully helped his generation.

The mission remains the same, but the lyrics are more stories that lead to the inevitable answer: God, but not in a threatening way. The mission is to draw in those who would be turned off automatically if anything was interpreted as “pushed.” This will not happen on this new CD. It’s like AA. “A power greater than yourself will lead you to sanity.” Then, after the 12 steps have been achieved, they recognize God was in on it all along. And many end up growing spiritually in churches.