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Hollywood Casting Couch: Satanic Rituals by The Black Child and Tad Donley

WARNING: Graphic language in this video, but real!

Lucifer, Illuminati/Freemasons own Hollywood and it’s stars. To become a star, make money, and maintain getting work, you must “join” by initially agreeing to sacrifice someone in your family or others, as one example – satanic rituals. Every move is coordinated with a satanic ritual. Every move.

You must get sexually abused, drink your urine, eat your feces – participate in satanic rituals every time to get the next paid gig, commercial, movie role, tv role, you name it. It all comes with a price. You sell your soul to the devil to become a star or otherwise you are ostracized, black-balled. Why are so many exceptionally talented people never get a break, yet so-so talents become huge stars?

Practices of trauma-based mind control, increased in increments, have transformed many stars into zombies. Many have been sacrificed as an offering to satan when the Illuminati choose the right time. Most times, the dates, time, and circumstances are deliberate. Numerology is imperative since the beginning of the Druids.

Michael Jackson was a threat to Sony. He openly told an audience of thousands that “Sony has made over 35 billion from me.” Yet, when he said that he “…owns half the company, good business,” that did him in. Why would a huge company like Sony give half of it’s company to anyone? These companies use up their stars, then they mysteriously die if they become a threat monetarily or embarrass them in any way.

Prince had a tremendous battle with Sony. He did all he could to undermine their control over this musical genius. When his contract was finally over, he had huge plans to come back – with a ton of new material, but then he suddenly died in his elevator at his Paisley Park estate. If you remember that fateful lyrics in one of his songs, “…don’t let the elevator go down,” – where did he die? In his elevator…. coincidence? After his autopsy, he was immediately cremated. I believe he was sacrificed to satan.

They choose to eliminate these stars regardless, as if just a whim as a satanic ritual. Many stars are demonically possessed. Beyonce openly describes how she changes when “Sasha Fierce” – a demon – possesses her just before she performs. If you look at Beyonce when she performed during the half-time, her eyes, facial expressions morph into an angry force. Her eyes change into big, piercing black bulbs. Her face contorts.

The Illuminati get a kick out of blatantly showing what they are going to do ahead of time. For example, Robin Williams! The cartoon show, “Family Guy” portrayed Robin Williams with a collar or rope around his neck. The family guy character’s hands were cut off at the wrists, pouring blood onto the kitchen table. A door enters the frame… The minute the show was over was the exact time of Robin Williams’ death. I believe he was sacrificed as a satanic ritual. Satan will give you want you want if you sell your soul to him, but it is still his nature to finally take you out as a sacrifice to him.

Take for example – Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Beyonce, Martin Short (running in the streets naked with a pistol in his hand yelling, “They’re trying to kill me! They’re trying to kill me!”

The men repeatedly get sodomized – big stars! No one gets a pass. All stars have resigned to having to do whatever it takes to maintain their status, lifestyle, and their money. Performing fellatio on anyone or all the Hollywood power brokers choose is common and part of the Illuminati game. They do just enough to live.

The women get it worse! All orifices are sodomized! They are left wrecked, used, abused… you can fill in the blanks. Hally Berry’s intercourse scene with Billy Bob Thornton in the movie, “Monter’s Ball” was alleged to be real, not fake.

In the music business, Nashville was a front for covert cocaine ops during Bill Clinton’s tenure as Governor. This is all over the internet and quoted from prominent politicians and child sex mind control victims dating back to the fifties just after the war with Nazi Germany. This is not new news. The recording term, “Mastering” derived from the satanic ritual of praying over the “master” of the song to go out and do satan’s bidding in influencing the world.

Why did David Chappell withdrew from an offer of 50 millions dollars? They wanted him to wear a dress, but I’m sure there was much more required. Instead, he moved to Africa. Got out of the game.

All of this is news that has been rolling around on YouTube and mainstream news sources for years. This is nothing new. A lot of this are conspiracies, but do your own research.

All movies, TV programs, music videos are relentlessly laced with Illuminati/Freemason symbols: white and black checkered designs, blonde hair (indicative of the Nazi Aryan Race), gold, stepping into the light (Lucifer), the all-seeing “eye” of Freemasonry and Illuminati Lucifer, pyramids… I can go on and on. Disney has been socially engineering your kids for decades. Pedophilia runs rampant. Taking away the innocense of a child and “stealing their energy”, drinking blood, satanic rituals, sacrifices. Black Magik…

The violence in movies and TV shows induce trauma amongst the viewers, while showing you the globalist elites’ plans for the new world order and control over you. Watch any movie and look for the signs. It’s all on purpose.

To conclude, knowledge wins wars.


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